Vulnerability: A Key to Un-Doing Isolation

What if you didn’t have to go-it-alone? 

Who or what is here to support you?

Are you willing to be vulnerable enough to let them in?

We all tend to guard against vulnerability…

In this reality we are taught that being vulnerable means you are weak, can’t handle it, are open to attack or at risk for being caught in some way.

None of this is true.  True vulnerability is something else entirely.

It is the soft, spacious power of receiving contribution, connection and support WHILE being you; warts and all.

I get how it can FEEL like being vulnerable is more like option # 1 above and not like option # 2…

That being vulnerable is more of a no-no then a secret sauce for success…

It can be quite confronting to let someone in.

To be seen fully; every nook and cranny, every bright and dark spot of you on full display.

Perhaps you have opened up before only to be judged and therefore made the choice to close up shop from here on out.

The walls have gone up and you only show parts of you – those parts that seem safe and okay to share.

It can be hard to ask for assistance, support or help.

Strange how in doing so we FEEL like we lose our power and independence…

Perhaps you have asked for assistance in the past and were controlled, disempowered or just weren’t too keen on the way that “help” was given.

And we all seek independence, self-sufficiency and dominance in our lives however we foray too much and get lost in push, force, defense and oh so much tension…

Any way you break it down; our lack of vulnerability leads to isolation with the need to do it all yourself, go-it-alone, never be wholly seen, heard and appreciated.

I’d love to invite you to know a different possibility, one that may look and feel very different then you think…

You can be open, seen, connected, supported WHILE you remain YOU – the independent, unique, trailblazer you were born to be.

Being vulnerable is a key trick to that…

Enjoy this podcast episode where we’ll explore:

  • The difference between being alone and being lonely
  • How to bring down the walls that keep distance in your relationships
  • “Independent” syndrome and how it keeps out support
  • Negotiation tips for when you let people in
  • What true vulnerability is and what it can add to your life