When You Have Too Many Ideas

Are your plethora of ideas causing overwhelm, confusion or inaction?

So many of us have ideas for what we could create.

These ideas can come calling at inopportune times causing a sense of overwhelm, in a disorganized download that confuses you or with so many expectations that it stops you dead in your creative tracks.

So how do you organize these ideas so that you have clarity, ease and confidence in what to chose first to get these projects – business, creative or personal – off the ground?

Tune in to this week’s podcast to discover:

  • 4 easy to follow steps to energetically and practically organize all of your ideas
  • Powerful questions to catalyzes your creative actions
  • A-has on how we unconsciously shut down our creative ideas – and paths to a different future! – due to a lack of organization
  • Daily energy and practical to-dos to bring forth your ideas in the world

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