Resiliency: How to Bounce Back From Life’s Ups and Downs

What if you were more resilient then you’ve ever acknowledged?

The resiliency of us humans never ceases to amaze me.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched someone on the brink of a downward spiral who chose to rebound instead,

the number of patient’s I’ve treated in the hospital with severe strokes whose neuroplasticity corrected almost all of the deficits within weeks to months

the amount of people I’ve seen bounce back from a major illness to form a new relationship with and enjoyment of their body.

We are resilient.  We are made – body, soul and brain – to bounce back.

Now, that being said, I get we all don’t feel that way at times.

As life takes us on a seemingly out-of-our-control ride through various peaks and valleys we can feel overwhelmed, defeated and shell-shocked by our current circumstances.

“How did I wind up here and what am I supposed to do now?” are frequent inner wailings that occur during these rude awakenings.

First off, the how of your current circumstances may not be something you want to dwell on.

Take look and see what awareness you gain but after that get on to the second part of that question –

“What am I supposed to do now?”
What do you do?  You bounce back…

You know it is possible.

You know that the texture of life changes constantly and just as this is a new circumstance another one will be headed your way shortly.  All things change given time.  (P.S. You can speed up the process by applying conscious choice  – more info on that in the podcast!)

You get present with your current circumstances.

You don’t give in or up.  You relax, get honest and take a beat to get your bearings.  Don’t fight for what was and don’t fight against what is.  In this space you can start to see more possibilities.

You stop judging yourself.

Give up on the fear of failure, the lie of perfected success and the misnomer that life always ticks in an upward direction.  Stop blaming yourself or others and start looking for what you can choose to change it.

No matter where you find yourself in these 10-seconds – on an upswing a downswing or the stagnation of no-swing –

What if you could bounce back in a way that out-created where you were when you began?

Just how resilient are you?

And how could you use all you’ve got to create a richer more vibrant life?

To relay a favorite quote of mine: “Failure isn’t the falling down, it’s the staying down.”

Buck up baby, and let’s get going!

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • How we are built to bounce back – neuroplasticity, body self-healing and tenacity of being
  • 4 keys to resiliency that will allow you to change anything quickly and with ease
  • How to overcome the lie of perfection and the fear of failure
  • How preserving what was and fighting what is will stick you like nothing else

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