Jumping Without a Parachute: Stretching past the safety zone

Are you ready to stretch past your safety zone?

New situations can feel unsafe to us at first.

As we stretch to new places and spaces; relationships, jobs, experiences and skill sets it’s normal for us to get a bit safety-seeking.

We miss the comfort, the ease and that known bandwidth of energy that was back in our old safety zone.

We sometimes get so wigged out by this missing sense of safety that we go back to the old before we even have a chance to get used to the new.

We give up on so much growth and expansion this way…

We pull back and don’t move at all or we choose but only for the “safest” option or we go forward but with a lot of needless worry and upset.

None of the above really create you as the leader of your life.

The one who is bold enough to just go when they are called.

Every time you stretch past your safety zone you grow your space.

The new and uncomfortable eventually becomes an arena to play in.

If you look back over your life how many things were uncomfortable to the point of feeling a bit unsafe at the beginning?

When you stuck with that thing regardless of that sense what occurred?

Did you navigate the un-comfort more successfully then you realize?

Did you find your feet eventually?

And did a new comfort in an expanded zone begin to form?

Yes, growth in this way is uncomfortable.

And when the need for safety gets activated it takes this un-comfort up a notch and it can feel like jumping off a cliff without a parachute.

But what if you were willing to go anyway? And trust that in time all will be well?

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • The need for safety, predictability and comfort – and how it stops your growth
  • The willingness to be seen and heard as you
  • How to take your current comfort zone and continually expand it for a bigger life
  • Questions to ask to help your move forward with ease

For a personal look at this topic:

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