Getting Out of Your Own Way In Creation (& Life!)

What if you could stop stopping you and your creations?

Blazing new trails – in your career (& life) – can have so many stops and starts that the path forward can be a finger biting, knee jerking, whiplash making ride.

One that, due to this unpleasantness, only few are bold enough to take, let alone see to completion.

How about you?

Do you get distracted easily?

Spin your wheels in exhausted busyness – feeling like you are moving ahead only to be left with the same result you started out with?

Are you spending your energy in a constant state of conflict – loving what you are doing and hating it at the same time?

Second guessing yourself and where you are spending your resources?

Do you hide in overwhelm thinking that adding one more thing to your plate will just be too much to handle?

How much are you stopping yourself – and your new trail – by any or all of the above?

What if these distractions didn’t have the power to stop you anymore?

What if they were easily overcome once acknowledged, recognized and ignored?

Whether the MORE you are looking for is career advancement, business development or a creative pursuit – what if you could relax into the possibilities of forward movement and learn to stay the course?

Blazing a new trail for your career (& life!) can be easier than you imagine.

What more is possible if you stopped stopping you?

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • The #1 Lie that keeps you stuck in overwhelm (and how to get free of it)
  • How to break free from busyness, hyper drive and the need to do-do-do!
  • The main cause of inner conflict that distracts you from moving forward with ease
  • Acknowledgement exercise that you CAN do, be and have more…

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