What if a simple energy trick / perspective flip could allow you to handle anything that came your way?

We all tend to lose ourselves a bit in the face of intensity.

Whether that intensity takes the form of anger, judgment, jealousy, other people’s expectations or the blame-shame game it can cause us to shrink and doubt ourselves.

We lose our ease, lightness and many of our more generative choices this way.

One of my mentors – Gary Douglas – once said “He who has the most space wins.”  He was onto something!

When you occupy more space your problems shrink and they lose their intense visceral quality. Other people stop seeming larger than life and more powerful then you.

Your greatness becomes familiar, forward movement is easier, bigger creations are natural as you don’t have fixed ideals and images that contract your sense of what’s possible.

He who has the most space doesn’t react, cower, defend or fight.  There is no need for that.  He who has the most space creates, lives, plays and enjoys.

He sees all possibilities, has the extra beat of breath to scan for the lightest one and posseses the inner power to move ahead with it without looking back.

Enjoy this episode that walks you through my go-to trick to handle anything  – The S P A C E exercise! – along with different ways to use it.

I wonder what will change when you claim your space…???

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • Energy exercise to expand your space
  • How space is the ultimate commodity for reclaiming your power
  • Different ways you can use this trick to expand your perspective, handle the upsets of life and go for bigger creations then you may have thought you were capable of!