Holiday Stress?  Try This!

We are in the heart of the holiday season.

There are sparkling lights, sweet treats and cozy comforts.

There are also things to buy, meals to prep, guests to welcome, travel to undertake and a whole host of “extra” to-do’s that may be wearing you a bit thin.

I’ve had some interesting conversations recently around this topic.

Most people, while excited about the merriment of the season, are feeling overwhelmed.

With finances stretched, schedules packed and the inter-personal interestingness of family visits; they are in serious need of a me day!

Or so they think…

It got me thinking about self-care.

How most use it as a band-aid – retreat when things get too much, recharge the battery then dive head first back into life.

I find this to be minimally effective, not to mention way less fun.

‘Me days’ can be luxurious when they are done for the delight of the experience – not from a “I need to do this or I’m going to lose it!” perspective.

It also isn’t dealing with the heart of the matter –

What’s going on to push you to that edge in the first place?!

Most wouldn’t need to withdraw if they were including themselves more in their day to day choices.

Or if they acknowledged their awareness – self, relational and environmental – more.

If they could have less expectations of what needs to get done and more choices of what could be enjoyed things would be very different.

In short, overwhelm is a red flag that there is something off in Denmark.

What if instead of hitting that edge and retreating you could cultivate self-care in every moment?

Be present with yourself and put your needs and desires as priority #1?

Employ a simple trick to relax into your body, open your perspective and choose towards a lighter living whenever the stress starts to build?

And – taking it a few light years ahead – what if there was a way to not only ‘handle’ life but have fun with it and create a more generative future in the process?

The holidays are a great time to enjoy, acknowledge and have gratitude for the amazing life you lead.

Overwhelm can keep you from that.  Don’t let it!

Enjoy this special holiday-themed podcast where we’ll explore:

  • Awareness exercise – what is really making you so stressed this time of year?
  • How to use overwhelm as a guidepost – not a wrongness
  • Taking the ‘need’ of self-care away – time to luxuriate in it!
  • Some great ‘prep work’ to do for the oncoming holiday season
  • A simple yet powerful question that leads to momentary fun & a brighter future in one fell swoop!