From Crazy to Brilliant: Reclaiming Your Rightness

What if every wrongness about you is actually a strongness in disguise? 

We all have brilliances that can be used to create a life we love.

But a lot of the time these brilliances are hidden, twisted and mis-understood.  Sometimes, in more extreme cases, they win us life-long labels, roles to play out and boxes that are hard to break free from.

Whether you have been exploring what’s right about you for a while and are curious what other raw material you have to play with or are just starting to release your inner enemy and blocks of the past –

This conversation will offer you tools to come out of self-judgment and embrace the path of self-exploration.

Tune in to discover:

  • 3 keys to kick start & deepen this journey of self-allowance and expression
  • How we get locked into labels, roles and “boxes” (& how to break free!)
  • Simple joys in the journey you can take even as you move through “heavy patches”
  • Examples of “wrongnesses” and how to work through them to discover their strength
  • Hope and inspiration in what else is possible for your future

Join Lauren’s online workshop on this topic May 28th here:

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What if nothing in your life was unchangeable?

Whether you have been looking at overhauling an aspect of your life or have just had a gentle curiousity of what could be different there are more ways to create change – easily! – then you may have thought.

Join me for a fun conversation on how to change to the most stuck, solid and unchangeable roadblocks you have…

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • How change is innate to our nature and is something to lean into – not fight!
  • An acknowledgement exercise to increase your confidence in your ability to change
  • How to un-do the wrongness factor that has you digging in your unchangeable limitation deeper
  • A powerful combo to help you stay present with what you want to change while not being consumed by it
  • How “moving your ship” in 10 degree increments is all it takes to set course on a new path!

Here’s the replay link of the interview I did on this topic – it was an hour of tools, perspective shifts and energy exercises to help change the most stuck and solid things in your life.  Check it out on YouTube here: