If Only…  How to Out-Create Your Excuses

What if you could out-create any excuse you have? 

We all have that one thing.

That if we had it – we could do, have and enjoy anything and everything we desire.

We would start our business, write that book, start that relationship, make investments…  on and on it goes.

Let’s play a discovery game – answer the following question:

If only I had ____ I would have the life of my dreams.

What fits in the blank for you?

Money?  Health?  Creativity?  Support?  Approval?  Time?

You name an ask for what you want and I bet you can find an “If only” that is laying on top of it –

Blocking your vision to see your way through it.

Sucking up all your focus.

Expending your energy by fighting it or fussing over it.

Distracting you from moving forward.

Or just giving up all together as that un-get-able-get will never be yours…

But what if those excuses didn’t have to stop you anymore?

There is a way to work with these “if onlys” in a way that creates massive – and easeful! – change.

It’s a secret sauce of shining light on them without making yourself wrong.

Being honest on what’s stopping you while not getting hung up on it.

Not endlessly trying to fixing it but just being with it.

Stopping the fight and relaxing into what is.

Turning those excuses on their ear time and time again until you can see more clearly, give up the excuse once and for all and move along on your merry way.

To finally bring the “impossibles” of your life to fruition and to change the “unchangeables” in any way you desire.

Enjoy this episode with tips and tricks on:

  • Discovering your “if onlys” that are holding you back
  • Out-creating those excuses with ease for forward movement in your life
  • How bringing “surface” excuses to light can help you uncover what’s really sticking you deep down
  • “Starving the beast” technique to regain your power
  • Clear steps on how to change the things you think are unchangeable in your life
More ways to play with this topic:

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