What is a life worth living from your perspective?

And what if there were easier ways to create it then you ever thought possible?

Whether you are struggling with the idea of not wanting to live the life you currently have or are looking to up-level to bigger and better – this one is for you.

In honor of suicide prevention awareness week let’s explore some insights I gained from my own suicide struggles in my teens and also from my experience with up-leveling my life to be more fully alive in my later years.

This is touchy and tender topic for some – it’s not easy to admit that you are struggling with life or that you simply want more for yourself and aren’t quite sure if it’s possible or how to bring it about.

No matter how far off change seems…  There is hope for more.  Bigger possibilities are awaiting you, as well as the support to get there.

And the path forward may be easier then you think…

Enjoy the gems in this episode to help you along that path including:

  • Three powerful questions and self-exploration exercises to regain your zest for life
  • A different perspective on the current suicide epidemic and the sleepy autopilot living most of us fall into
  • How to change boredom, check out, disinterest and the desire to leave
  • How to become the leader of your life & find peace within yourself

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