Clean Slate: Keys to Starting Anew in the New Year

What if you could start anew in the new year?

And with way more ease and forward momentum than ever before?

Happy New Year! And Cheers to an amazing 2019!

If you are like anyone else on the planet then you are currently taking stock of your life and setting targets for the new year.

It’s always funny to see how the turn of the calendar year sets the masses into change mode…

We all set our intentions for the things we would like to be different and many of us take the first steps along that path.

Unfortunately, very few of us see it through to completion.

Eventually we lose interest, get distracted, get frustrated at slow progress, doubt ourselves or float off to fantasy land – it’s easy to change it in there you know?!

Well, what if this year could be different?

What if you could find a sweet spot for enjoying the path to change?

Combining a large enough target to be continually enthused about and the practice of celebrating small wins along the way, you’ll find yourself moving faster and with more ease then you thought possible.

Whether you are looking at paying off debt, building investments, changing jobs, creating a business or cultivating relationships what more is possible then you have yet to create?

Is this the year you build the muscle of patient tenacity (one of my fav’s!) to see it through to fruition?

Enjoy this podcast for tips on:

  • Setting targets that continually peak your interest
  • Staying motivated through slower than desired change
  • Pitfalls of overnight success and the “do-over!” phenomenon
  • Patient Tenacity – the key mindset to enjoying the change path as you more forward