Bringing Fantasy to Reality

What if you could bridge the gap between your fantasy life and your reality?

Many people live the entirety of their lives in their heads.

Their dream business, creative project, greater relationship and way of life only gets play time in their inner world.

They get so satisfied by the emotional highs from playing out that fantasy that they are not motivated to act on bringing those fantasies into their day to day life.

And it isn’t necessarily that their current day to day life is bad…  It just isn’t the full expression of what’s possible for them.

Perhaps there are higher aspirations, less explored parts of themselves and creative ideas that were put on the back burner.

And by sitting on the back burner they became repressed, forgotten about or moved into the “that would be nice but will never happen” bank; only to be visited in flights of fancy – not rocket-fuel for creation.

Time moves quickly and before you know you wake up and your life has flashed by.

How many fantasies that had the possibly of being a reality have you let slip by?

We are often told that fantasies are bad.

We are told we’re being unrealistic and un-present.

That we need to “get real” and “get our heads out of the clouds.”

However, there are times when our fantasies are truer to us then our outward life.

They are a place where the fullness of ourselves can play un-thwarted and unedited.

A place where our “impossibles” get free range to expand.

And there is a muscle you can build to indulge these dreams while being present in your life at the same time! (it’s a key muscle in bridging the gap – more info in the podcast episode!)

What if instead of “getting real” you could use – and indulge! – your fantasies to gain awareness on what you would truly like to create in your life?

What if there was a way to bridge the gap and let this bigger, truer and more exciting self out to play more?

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • How to use your fantasies as an information source
  • The muscle of being present while you dream
  • The indulgence technique
  • The lie of “being realistic” and how it stops you
  • Action steps to bridge the gap and bring your fantasies into reality