Are you in a power struggle with your body?

Our bodies put up with a lot from us…

Ideals of perfection that we try to make it match

Following strict health guidelines that have nothing to do with being present with what it requires moment to moment

Forceful movement and exercise that can create more tension then it relieves

Frustration with it when it doesn’t function the way we think it should…

For the most part, we try to dominate our body instead of co-creating with it.  Letting it be.  Submitting to it and it’s consciousness.

The thing is our body – and our relationship with it – is the main one we have in this life.

It’s the first thing we say hello to when we come into the world and the last thing we say goodbye to when we leave it.

It’s our constant partner throughout this life journey.

If this primary relationship is based on a power struggle then that fight, struggle and tense energy becomes a constant in your space.

Image, instead, having this primary relationship be one of trust, adoration, presence, play, peace and ease – what ripple effect could that create in your living?

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • A key trick to flip your current power struggle into a relationship of ease
  • The perfect ideals we have and why they are determential to our body’s well-being
  • How to build a co-creation and momentary presence with your body
  • How to enjoy the look, feel and function of your body in every 10 seconds
  • How changing the energy of your physicality can change the energy of living

FREE gift for further change!  Enjoy this guided meditation download: Body Scan & Clearing to continue to explore these possibilities.  Relax…  and let your body be…