Staying Positive in Trying Times

What if you could be happy even if others aren’t?

Ever have your positive outlook hijacked by a negative person?  Ever wonder how or why that occurs? Or, more importantly, how stop?

Unfortunately, most of us are programmed to go into heaviness of life in order to bring lightness to it.

(Aka we are drawn to heavy people and situations thinking that the path to a better world is by lightening their load!)

But what if you could just choose what was light from the get-go? With no need to lift up – or drag! – others along with you?

Tune in to this week’s podcast to discover:

  • A little-known secret that will help having you staying positive in hard times
  • Awareness exercise in where you tune into the “heavy” aspects of life instead of the light
  • How to stop spending your resources on trying to fix others
  • 3-step technique to use in the moment to re-direct your choice to one of peace and possibilities

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