Freedom: Living Life on Your Own Terms

Are you looking for more freedom in your life?

To hear your inner desires and be able to navigate towards them?  Without getting distracted or pulled off-course by others?

We all desire freedom. But so often our ideas of what freedom is or what creates it limits us.

We try to “win” it by fighting for our independence.

Taking a stand, drawing boundaries and justifying why we are doing what we’re doing…

These seem to offer a sense of freedom at first. But it isn’t long until we create tension and waste energy by trying to hold that line.

What if ultimate freedom – the knowing that you are inherently free! – was a key in changing this?

To live strong in your desires, confident in yourself and relaxed at the same time?

It’s a very different possibility then most choose…  but you can!

Tune in to this week’s podcast to discover how to:

  • Stop getting distracted by external stimuli
  • Move beyond co-dependent relationships, self-doubt and lack of clarity
  • Cultivate strength and softness to live a life full of joy and creativity
  • Navigate life on your own terms