Living in the Nuances

What possibilities await in the shades of grey?

The world is so polarized currently and seems to be getting more by the day.

These extreme viewpoints have a ripple effect in our life. They creep in and filter our viewpoint and our choices.

When you couple that with our need to be right and defend our position, we live a life of tension. unhealthy dynamics and inauthentic living.

What if you could choose something different?

To navigate life in a way that wasn’t taking reality as they hand it to you. Or by fighting it. But by fine tuning your awareness and making conscious choices along the way?

The result? Elegant, peace-filled and authentic living. And access to the full spectrum of possibilities.

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover how to:

  • Have allowance for other opinions that don’t align with your own
  • Tune your internal “navigational system” (intuition hacks)
  • Create healthier relationship dynamics
  • Stop living the reality you are handed and create your own