Presence: How to Change Anything with Ease

What if your presence was the missing element for change in your life (& the world!)?

Our relaxed presence – the willingness to bear witness and hold space for others – is so powerful.

Most of us are shy to embrace this. After all, it’s uncomfortable. And so much easier to turn a blind-eye or only deal with the surface layers.

The tools shared in this episode will allow you to melt drama and discomfort. All the while giving the things in your life you wish would change the space to do so.

The result? Calm, peaceful and sustainable change.

Tune in to discover:

  • Key element in easing discomfort in times of change
  • A-ha’s on “energy leakers” in your life
  • How to stop hiding, keeping secrets, fighting others (& yourself!) and feeding the beast
  • 4 elements of creation (from Access Consciousness)
  • Exercise to release deeper emotional pains for more freedom