Toxic Relationships & Mental Health

Are the relationships in your life supporting your best self?

We don’t pay enough attention to the impact our relationships have on our sense of worth, self-confidence and ability to create a life we love.

When we downplay the erosive role an un-healthy dynamic can have in our world we inevitably set ourselves up for silent stressors, energy suckers and those reactive buttons that the toxic people in our lives continually love to push.

If you are looking for a greater quality of life, feeling good in your own skin and some very practical how-tos to re-write the story of your relationships this is a must listen to episode!

Tune in to discover:

  • Discovery exercise to gain clarity on the current health of your primary relationships
  • Simple way to change unhealthy dynamics with those in your life
  • Clarity on your “non-negotiables” and how to stand up for how you wish to be treated
  • Awareness on your baser self-viewpoints and how that may be pulling not-so-great relationships partners
  • #1 a-ha that will set you free to feel supported and nurtured in all your interactions

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