Stillness: Surprising Ways to Find Home in Yourself

Where has other’s lack of stillness or your discomfort with stillness taken you out of a sense of yourself?

What if no matter what came at you from the outside – or up for you from in the inside – you were able to have a sense of peace, calm and possibilities in every moment?

And what the stillness you have been seeking was simply a sense of home in yourself?

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • A-ha’s on the constant play of the busy-ness of our minds and of our environments
  • Awareness on how we let the outside world impact out inner world
  • Tips on maintaining calm in the middle of a noisy world
  • Myths on what stillness is that has you always seeking something that doesn’t exist (and judging yourself in the process!)
  • Tools to hear your inner desires and stay “still” in that as you create your life