Me Vs. We: Choosing for more in times of stress

In times of stress do you chose for the me or the we?

Humans are interesting creatures…

When times of lack, uncontrollable circumstances or fear come they tend towards the me world.

The helping hands, generosity of spirit and simple changes to behavior to create more the whole go away in favor of looking out for #1.

It’s a tough way to live; causing more stress, less support and at times shameful choices that go against our better nature.

What if there was a different possibility?  Even in times like these?

Tunes into this week’s episode to discover:

  • Tips on how to NOT shut down your caring, generosity or magnanimous spirit in times of uncertainty
  • A-ha’s on the havoc loss of control, fear of the unknown and lack mentality have on us (and how to not let it!)
  • Lesson’s from nature on how to modulate behaviors to contribute to all in tough times
  • Awareness exercise on hoarding behaviors that dampen your life creation and experience