Who’s stress is this anyway?

How do you find yourself in the noise of life? 

Most of the thoughts, feelings, emotions & body sensations we experience aren’t ours.

They are simply our awareness of the environment and the people in it.

Now’s the perfect time to take a deep dive into this freeing concept with the most effective tool I’ve ever discovered called Who does this belong to? (from Access Consciousness)

It will help find your sense of space – and choice! – in the midst of chaos and intensity (not to mention everyday life!)

Tunes into this week’s episode to discover:

  • My favorite tool to find myself when the world gets loud and invasive
  • #1 way we stick ourselves with acute intensities and chronic problems – and how to un-do it!
  • A-ha’s on how energy works in a practical way – and how we can use it to change our behavior and though patterns
  • Awareness exercise to give you a immediate sense relief as you listen…