Saying YES to Creativity

Have you put your creativity on the back burner?

As we grow most of us are taught that creativity isn’t an important aspect of a successful life.

We prioritize our creative whims in favor of getting through our to-do lists, achieving a goal or caring for those around us.

Very few of us place creative outlets, exploration and expression in the “must-do” category which creates all sorts of havoc on our emotional wellbeing.

Get ready for some out-of-the box ways to look at life as a creative project and a big ole boost to the fun-factor in your life!

Tune into this week’s episode to discover:

  • Common pain points that come from not engaging your creativity
  • Simple ways to unlock you un-tapped creative potential
  • How to find windows of time to follow and foster your creative whims
  • How to use creativity as self-care
  • Perspective shifts on living a creative life in modern times