Being Relate-able: Uh-oh’s to avoid in Relationships

Where are you shutting yourself down in a attempt to relate to others?

When you are searching for a bridge into someone else’s world do you cross too far and lose the connection to your own?

If you didn’t have to adopt other’s perspectives or adapt yourself to the way people wanted you to be then what would be possible in all of your interactions?

Say good-bye to the relational dynamics that make you…

… feel like the odd man out,

… have you getting lost in the crowd or that

… stop your personal growth and expression in favor of making other’s more comfortable.

Tune in to this wee’s episode to explore:

  • What to do – and not to do! – when you’re the odd man out in social situations
  • #1 perspective shift to help you navigate the growing pains of longer relationships
  • A fun energy to use in interactions that lets you have more ease
  • Tools to not make yourself or your relationship partner wrong as you both continue to grow and change throughout the course of life