Courage: Lessons from the Cowardly Lion

Do you have the courage to allow the experience of life to change you?  

We are all pulled to explore, grow and change along our life path.

Yet so many of us stop ourselves short of the action and experiences that would allow that to occur.

Whether it’s our fear factor, lack of clarity or past failures we all find ourselves on the outer limits of exploration from time to time.

What if there was a way to harness your courage to go forth and experience more?

Enjoy these lessons from the Cowardly Lion for a much-needed boost when times get tough and uncomfortable…

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • How to stop looking for the right time and circumstances before you take action
  • Ways to work yourself through failure, fear of change and lack of clarity
  • Tools to end the self-sabotage and perfection traps
  • How to come out of “maybe someday” mindset to live in the moment more
  • #1 energy to cultivate to allow change to be easier and way more fun

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