Holiday Cheer (or not!): 4 tools to help you enjoy the season

What choices can you make to enjoy the holidays your way?

Not all of us enjoy the same things…

Yet we tend to chase widely accepted pictures of perfection and circumstances thinking it will create happiness within us.

This is particularly true around the holidays with all the expected joy of traditions, parties and family time.

But what if the cheer and merriment of this (and every!) season came from a different source for you?

Tune in to this week’s podcast to discover:

  • 4 simple tools to reclaim your ease, joy and FUN this holiday season
  • Our backward way of creating fun – and how to reverse it for quicker results
  • Tips on navigating family dynamics, never-ending to-do lists and obligatory events
  • Surprising way we create stress for ourselves during this time of year – and how to undo it