When People Bug You…

What are you aware of in people’s worlds when they are irritating you?

People are the wild cards in life.

We can be happy, hum drumming along in our life path then a person enters the picture and the whole situation changes.

It can be a havoc-wreaking or a subtle irritation that grows and starts to diminish our own experience.

So…  how do you have ease with people?  Especially when they are bugging you?!

There are many layers that take place in any given interaction which are rarely talked about…

Each layer – when not attended to – can cause upset, misunderstandings and the desire to pull away.

By developing our working knowledge on them EVERYTHING gets easier!

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • Easy ways to gain clarity on the different layers in relationship dynamics
  • How to develop the ever-important skill of calling a spade a spade
  • #1 way we pull away from people based on mis-understandings and a lack of clarity – and how this holds us back from growing our life
  • Practical examples of how to work your way through interactions so you have more choice, ease & FUN