Gratitude: 3 down sides that may be sticking you…

Are you misusing gratitude and inadvertently making your life harder than it needs to be?

Gratitude, in its true form, is a must have for a life well lived.

However, a lot of us mis-use it.  We use it as an excuse settle, fight the past to change our future or allow others to control us with gratitude shaming.

Clarity on this topic will allow you to be present with what is and move on to what’s next with more ease.

Tune in to this week’s podcast to explore:

  • What is gratitude shaming and how it may be impacting you
  • How to give up the internal shame of not being grateful for what is
  • A-ha’s on how others may be controlling you with gratitude
  • Tips to harness your past and use it as a catalyst for creating your future
  • Practical tools to help you shift into true gratitude and how to use it as a creative element in your life