Big Choices: Risk vs Reward & FREAK OUTS

What comes up for you when you are making big choices in your life?

Do you trust your awareness to guide you easefully along the path?

Or do you get lost in self-doubt, “should I or shouldn’t I” mind traps or self-imposed pressures?

Big choices are afoot for all of us in our professional and personal lives.  And how we navigate them has a direct correlation to our future possibilities and current mental / emotional state.

Tune into this episode to discover:

  • A simple way to weigh your options without getting lost in mind traps or over-thinking
  • Ways to release inner judgment of what you should and shouldn’t choose
  • How to harness trust when there is no guarantee outcome (take the leap of faith!)
  • Ways to question your options that open you up to more, not riddle yourself with self-doubt
  • 2 practical exercises to give you clarity and ease in these high-pressured moments
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