Getting Clarity: How to discover your next move

What if clarity was less about the end game and more about experimenting with the possibilities?

What moves you forward?

Is it by knowing exactly where you are going and what’s required to get there?

If so, what occurs when you lack the clarity on where to start, where go next or when you don’t even know where you are headed in the first place?

For most this leads to feelings of stuck-ness, restlessness and frustration as we search for answers never taking a step…

What if clarity didn’t come from a clearly laid path that you had to figure out before heading down it but from a different way to functioning day to day?

One that was more about trusting the process – and yourself! – to move forward, one step at a time, in unexpected ways?

Say good-bye to the confusion that creates stuck-ness, the waiting game that has you searching for answers and distracting yourself from your desires by maintaining the status quo.

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • What clarity is and what it isn’t
  • Simple tricks to free yourself from settling with what is and never going for what you want
  • #1 to re-focus and re-direct your creative energy
  • #1 perspective that allows change and creation to be easier and more effective

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