What Defines You? Opening your self-exploration

How do you know you?  Is it by defining yourself or through your exploration of what you’re capable of?

Having a defined sense of self is what we are taught creates character.  It’s how we know ourselves and what guides us during choice points in our lives.

But what if that defined self is holding you back from the creation of what’s next for you?

What if true strength didn’t come from the definition of you but instead came from

  • resiliency to bounce back from life’s challenges,
  • flexibility to adapt to your circumstances and evolve
  • changeability to jump tracks to more expansive terrain when desired
  • and the creativity to re-invent who you are as you move through life?

This perspective may challenge your comfort zone a bit but if you are looking to jump tracks to a more possible and richer life it may be worth exploring…

Tune into this week’s podcast to explore:

  • Why you need to let go of the bad AND the good to have freedom to create what’s next
  • How defining life moments can lock you out of creation
  • 3 energies to evolve who you have been to who you desire to be
  • How to stop using the past to dictate what your future will be
  • How to handle new situations without freaking out with a sense of losing who we are

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