Sensitive AND Strong: Living Open in an Intense World

What if you could be sensitive AND strong?

Most of us are taught that we are too sensitive and that we have to protect ourselves from the intense world we live in.

Your “sensitivity” may show up as an anxious mind, mood swings, overwhelm, depletion or being at the constant effect on other people’s choices (aka if you’re having a bad day then so am I).

You can be open and receive while also being strong in yourself.  In fact, it’s the interplay and creative juice between the two that allows your unique gifts to shine.

Tune into this episode to discover:

  • Surprising signs / symptoms of sensitivity
  • The different between sensitivity and awareness and how to make that powerful shift
  • The role of RECEIVING awareness in creating what you desire
  • The importance of giving up protection to experience the joy of living

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