Social Ease: How to Connect to & Create with Others

What could you create if you had ease and grace with socializing? 

Let’s be real, socializing can be awkward.

Meeting new people, working your way around an event, dating, inter-office mingling – you name the situation it can be weird and uncomfortable for most of us.

It’s thought that you are either born with ‘the gift of the gab’ or you aren’t but I have found, through my many years of teaching communication, that these skills can be acquired.

It just takes applied awareness, practice and a willingness to stretch out of your comfort zone.

Tune into this week’s podcast episode to discover:

  • 3 practical and easy to use tips to have ease in any social situation
  • How to repair communication breakdowns
  • Why being social is so important to your life creation – personally and professionally
  • Tips to expand your comfort zone to grow your social and business networks

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