How to Deal with a Bully: 3 Tips to Take Back Your Power

What’s your first memory of being bullied?  And is that same dynamic present in your life today?

In my view bullying is anytime someone tries to enforce power of you.

It’s a common thing for us to go through when we are young – being intimidated, teased or excluded.

But, I’ve been shocked to see the same dynamic played out in various scenarios in adulthood.

The same power-plays pop up in the corporate world, in a group of gossipy women “friends,” in relationships that under-cut your self-worth and dis-empower you, the list goes on and on…

The truth is bullying isn’t a topic that just applies to kids on the playground. It’s a power dynamic that colors a lot of our interactions, is difficulty to deal with and can under-cut our feeling of self-worth.

Tune into this week’s episode to discover:

  • How our childhood encounters with bullies color our interactions today
  • Awareness exercise to identify the bully dynamic in any situation
  • 3 tools to help you stop reacting, diffuse the situation and out-smart a bully in the heat of the moment

This content is part of my “How to Deal with Difficult People” workshop, which I give to college students and corporations.

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