What if what you have been seeking is closer than you think?

We all lose faith sometimes.

The path forward gets long, twists unexpectedly or becomes obscured.

Since we can’t see where we are headed doubt creeps in and we have a tendency to give up.

During times like these I always revisit the story of Florence Chadwich, an open water swimmer who has a truly inspiring story.

Her path became obscured during a swim and she gave up.  Only to realize, after the fact, that she was very close to the finish line.

But she didn’t despair.  She took the lesson and got back in the water.  And the next time the way forward became obscured – she kept going.

Enjoy this week’s podcast as I tell the story of this tenacious women and provide  in-the-moment to-use tools to help you navigate when your way forward seems hard, far-away or lost.