When You Are On the “Wrong” Path

What occurs when you find yourself on the “wrong” path?

When you have taken steps, invested your resources and had hope in the journey ahead only to find yourself in a less then desirable place?

Most of us stop and get lost in judgment, doubt, worry and second guess ourselves from there on out.

We forget one simple truth – that our life path isn’t straight and narrow.

It is meandering, textured, layered – full of twists and turns, ups and downs.

What if, instead of getting lost in the right or wrongness of it all, you could:

Release your judgment

Learn from your choices

Re-tune yourself to be more aligned with your true north

And allow yourself to be facilitated in and by the process?

Would moving forward be lighter, easier and more joyful to navigate?

Tune into this week’s podcast for tools to do just that!

And remember – choices are neither right or wrong – and all of them may be leading you some place unexpectedly wonderful.

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