Hard Work No More!  Having Ease with What’s Next

Part 3 of the What’s Next Series

What if creation didn’t have to be hard work?

And what if there was a way you could use your resources – energy, time, finances & skill sets – to make your path easier and faster than you thought was possible?

The road forward is rarely looked at as an easy one.

It can be full of disappointments, self-doubt, starts & stops, hard work with little yield or a whole host of other lack luster ways we want to be spending our time.

In my awareness this is mainly an issue with our resources – where, when, how and how much we use them – on the road to creation.

If we UNDER apply our resources then the possibilities we are aware of never get to grow and bear fruit.  Self-doubt creeps in as we are aware of so much – and can taste what’s coming! – yet it never seems to be…

If we OVER spend them then we get tired, have money woes, work harder then we need to and take the LONG way to having it in our life.

We begin to doubt ourselves when our dreams don’t match the reality being created or when our actions and hard work don’t yield results.

What if there were a different way?

Whether you tend to overwork and overspend your resources in the ethers of fantasy land or in the day to day grind – what else is possible if you were able to be strategic, elegant and efficient instead?

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • How to stop overworking, reacting to your environment, living in fantasy land, unconsciously seeking the hard path and so much more
  • An awareness exercise on where & how you may be over spending your resources
  • How to make your work ethic work for you, not against you
  • The power of delegating and receiving support
  • How to develop and grow the capacity to have what you are asking for
  • 2 of the 6 archetypes: The Dreamer & The Underdog and how these icons can help you use your resources to your advantage!
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