Having Courage for What’s Next

Part 2 in the What’s Next Series

Are you brave enough to step outside your comfort zone?

We all have our comfort zones…

Some of us love to color inside the lines while others take pride in being outside of them.

We tend to take either side and dig our heels in.

Either playing in the bounds of what we have been told and shown we can achieve – living the good life and being scared of risking it if we move a bit to the left.

Or being so invested in bucking the norm that we create our own constraints by resisting everything and everyone around us.

But there is magic when you allow those lines to blur.  A rare creative power unfolds when all is included and seen as a useful commodity in your life.

When you step out of the box of what you know –

And when you melt the walls around the things you have been resisting –

Creating what’s next for you has so many more possibilities then before.

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • 2 mindsets that have our creative power working against us – not for us
  • Simple to use courage boosters for stepping outside of your comfort zone
  • Exercise to get your creative juices flowing – along with the hutspa to act on it!
  • 2 of the 6 trailblazer archetypes: The CEO and The Misfit and how these icons can help set your creativity free
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