Discovering What’s Next for You: Part 1 in the What’s Next for You 3-Part Series

Are you wondering what’s next for you? And what more life has to offer?

As a trailblazer, you may be curious about how to expand your life – whether with your work, creative projects, relationships or self-development.

But you may be unsure about what that expansion looks like and what your first steps can be.

Your quest for outward success and inner fulfillment may be full of starts and stops, long periods with no movement or lots of action with minimal results.

There is an easier way forward…

The exploration of what’s next is a powerful one to get you moving and grooving in life.

And it’s even more fun and fulfilling when you are equipped with self-awareness; knowing how you function, what strengths you have and how to use them to their upmost potential.

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • 2 of the 6 Trailblazer archetypes, the Reluctant Hero and Wonder Woman, and how you can use their strengths to super-charge your path ahead
  • How to reclaim your super power of caring without seeking the approval of others, trying to drag them along for the ride or choosing between what works for you and what works for them
  • How to reclaim your super power of knowing without the tunnel vision, burn-out and “I’m here to save the day!” dynamic that cuts out much needed support and broader perspectives
  • Questions to take you out of either / or choosing
  • A-ha’s to remove self-doubt, judgment and the lack of clarity that clouds your path forward

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