Reclaiming Your Energy

What if there was a simple way to reclaim your physical, emotional and creative energy?   

Do you go through ups and downs with your energy levels?

If you’re like the rest of us you may –

Have periods where your creative juices are flowing and your follow through is awesome.

When the call of adventure comes, you have more than enough pep in your step to say YES!

Times when your body feels powerful, supported and energized.

But you may also experience downturns in your energy too…

When the 1000% you were running on seems to disappear.

Your ideas go quiet, motivation dries up, your body need a lot of down-time and you may pull back from the enjoyment factor in life.

What if the ups and downs weren’t wrong?  And you weren’t wrong for experiencing them?

(HINT #1 to change this – stop judging it!!!!!)

And what if there was a simple way to ramp up and reclaim your energy when you are in a downward turn to get you moving and grooving again?

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • How to remove self-judgment when your energy depletes
  • Easy tricks to re-enliven your creative spark and joy in living
  • How to stop being distracted – and depleted! – by external noise
  • A simple daily practice to tune into you before you express out – a key trick in reclaiming your energy for YOU and your life creation

This convo plays amazingly as a part 2 to last week’s episode on Breaking Habits – go here if you missed that episode:

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