Over-giving? Simple trick to have ease in relationships

Over-givers of the world – what else is possible?!

If you are a people person:

– caregiver, healer, teacher, helper or at all interested in making other people’s lives greater –

than this is a must have conversation for you!

It’s one I have had to work myself through – many times over – and one that I rejoice in having with all my people-loving coaching clients.

How do you give without exhausting yourself and creating overwhelm in the receiver?

How can a lighter touch in your interactions lead to greater for all involved?

And, most importantly…

How can you reclaim your capacity for generosity and caring without the superiority of fixing or trying to change things for others?

Whether you are in a profession or have a life that is people focused

– or are simply looking for more ease in how to be in relation to others –

the profound trick I share in this episode is a game-changer!

(It saved me from having to quit my hospital gig YEARS ago by allowing me to fill up as I poured out…  I got happier and my clients motivated themselves into more change – better results for all!)

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • #1 exhaust-er-creator in relationships – both personal and professional – and how to change it
  • Simple trick to prevent overwhelm in your relationship partners and exhaustion in yourself – all in one fell swoop
  • How to garner self-care while you give –  aka filling up as you pour out
  • Relationship / interaction equalizer to break your over-giving pattern
  • “Light touch” technique to allow what you give to be received with ease

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