Connection for Lighter Living with You, Your Body & The Earth

What could the planet and your body teach you about living?

Nature is an amazing teacher.

It’s honest, raw, unapologetic, intense and downright fierce at times.

It’s also beautiful, peaceful, generative and thrumming with aliveness.

It’s fully aware of the interesting state of the human world and bears witness to it all – with no judgment.

Most of us are seeking a life experience that is lighter, supported, connected and more expansive.

We look to our relationship with self – and others – to bring about this change.

It’s a necessary conversation but I’d like to add one more…

The relationship you have with the planet – and your physical body by extension – make up a huge part of the energies you experience in your day to day.

Just as your energetic bandwidth may be less then ideal if you are in tumultuous relationships or stuck in self-hatred.

If your relationship to your body and the planet is not acknowledged, judgmental or numb then that will have ripple effects on how you see and experience the world.

Looking deeper into creating a life that is yummy for you to live and embody doesn’t start and end with the people conversation…

Including your body and using the planet as a teacher can contribute greatly to your sense of peace, possibilities and joyful aliveness.

If you aren’t including it – then you are missing out on something special!

In celebration of earth day; tune into this week’s podcast episode to discover:

  • An exercise to apply consciousness non-judgment to your relationship with you, other people, your body and the earth
  • Elements of embodiment and the important role the planet and your body play in it
  • #1 sticking point in relationship dynamics that dampen your life experience – and how to change it
  • How to use the earth as a teacher
  • An exercise to connect and be present with your body and the earth for a greater sense of peace and possibility