Vacation Mind in Daily Life: Keeping Your Peace in the Stressful Spaces

What impact does the environment have on your mind?

Ever spend an extended time out of your normal environment?

Vacations – whether it’s R&R in nature or adventuring in a faraway land –

Have the ability to unplug us from the mind chatter we’ve grown accustomed to.

The worries, stress and body tension that are so much a part of our day to day life that we accept them as a given.

I had a wonderful compare and contrast moment recently where the quiet of my vacation gave me the sense of what was truly possible.

And the immediate whirl of my mind as soon as I returned home gave me a much-needed a-ha of what I’ve been allowing to sit in my space, busy my mind and tense up my body.

What impact does your daily environment have on your mind?

How much do you lose the space and sense of you in the midst of it?

What if you could choose peace and presence in each moment – without needing a time-out from your life?

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • A powerful awareness exercise to decipher where you begin and the noise of life ends
  • Discovery work on “emotional environmental polluters” and how to change them
  • How your choices may be colored by environmental noise – and how that may be guiding your life in inauthentic and less then yummy directions
  • #1 trick for having you no matter what circumstances you find yourself in
  • Tips on living relaxed, open, peaceful and present – and the personal power to create that comes with it!

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