Out-Creating Your Potential: Going Beyond the Expectations of Others

Is living up to your potential stunting your growth?

Being told you have potential is a mixed bag…

On one had it feels really good to have someone see what you’re capable of.

You may find it easier to move forward on a new path with this jovial encouragement.

Seeing that possibility through the eyes of others – who aren’t doubting your ability – gives a pep to your step and a boost of “I can do this!” energy.

On the other hand, your sense of freedom may come to a grinding halt when the words

“You’ve got potential to be this…”

Comes out of someone’s mouth – be it a friend, family member, co-worker, mentor or random stranger.

The sticky part of that statement is the “this.”

In one short sentence your infinite possibilities get defined into one very specific one.

And unfortunately, one that you had very little in choosing…

Just think of a time where someone handed you a role that you’d be perfect for without checking with you to see if you wanted to play it in the first place!

This can stunt your growth in many different ways.

Your freedom of expression may diminish.

Changing directions may become more difficult.

Ownership of what you’re creating may become theirs in the end.

And a measuring stick of you vs the promised potential becomes the driver of your inner dialogue…

(Am I moving fast enough?  In the correct direction?  Am I succeeding?)

This phenomenon occurs in professional, creative and personal relationships.

One’s left to wonder…

Is it possible to be told you have potential– and receive the advice, well wishes and boosts of encouragement that come with it – while still having the freedom to choose what works for you?


Tune in to this week’s podcast to discover:

  • Where the promise of potential may be holding you back – and how to un-do it!
  • How to identify where this may be impacting you in business, creation and personal relationships
  • A-ha’s on having more ease with what other people need you to be for them
  • How to open up your creative side to use your raw ingredients to create a life you love in every ten seconds