Bringing Light to Your Shadow Side: Keys to Reclaiming All of You

If you brought light to your shadow side what would you find?

Most of us fear we would find something that is best left hidden –

After all, that’s why we shoved it into the basement in the first place!

Our self-image is comprised of the elements that received positive reinforcement.

If people like it – it gets to stay.

If people don’t – it has to go.

With this:

Negative life events get silenced and sit unprocessed in our space.

Unique characteristics get traded for sameness so we can fit in.

Past poor choices become secret.

Skills that weren’t acknowledged get repressed.

And our unique interestingness that other people just didn’t get, gets judged and locked away.

The thing is, if we are only living on the positive side of ourselves then we are only half us.

Wholeness of being is only available when we bring light to our shadow sides, release judgment and explore what was right about it in the first place.

From there amazing possibilities form –peace with yourself, authentic creation, inspiration to others and the richness of using all you’ve got to create a life you love.

Tune in to this week’s podcast to discover:

  • A powerful exercise to bring light to the shadows in your life.
  • How our bodies get locked up with judgment – and how to release it!
  • A key tool in flipping your perspective from wrongness to strongness.
  • A little-known fact about life that will set you free to change with ease.
  • How embracing consciousness – where everything is included and nothing is judged – including all of you! – can set you free like nothing else.