Close Enough? When You ALMOST Get What You’re Asking For

When you almost get what you’re asking for do you settle for close enough or refine your ask?

Most of us are asking for more in our lives.

Whether that is a better relationship, a different business, creative pursuits –

We know there is more out there to explore, create and enjoy.

We make asks for this all the time – sometimes more consciously then others.

We then put our feelers out and see what comes from it.

When possibilities appear that are wildly unexpected, they can throw us a bit.

But somehow, it’s easier to say yes or no to these and move forward then it is when possibilities come our way that are ALMOST what we’ve been asking for.

It’s the “close enough” zone that trips most of us up.

It can lead to settling for less then you want, trying to make things fit when they really don’t or making yourself – and your ask! – wrong in some way.

If you are looking for more in your life and would like some practical tools on how to make it be so then this one is for you!

Tune in to discover:

  • Tools to come out of check-mark creation
  • A powerful exercise to sense the future possibilities of what’s showing up now
  • Questions for clarity when choosing to say yes or no
  • 3 Ins & Outs to asking for change and more possibilities in your life
  • Discovery work on phase 2 of creation (Most of us hang out in phase 1 forever and miss this entirely!)
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