Receiving Contribution: Why Go It Alone?

What if creating a life you enjoyed wasn’t a solo path?

This universe is a plentiful place with endless possibilities to receive contribution.

But most of us struggle with letting it all in.

We get stuck in independence and pull away from the support that could take our life in a whole new direction.

Whether your life experience has taught you that you lose control, uniqueness or ownership  when you let others support you –

Or you have received not so helpful “help” in the past –

What if you were willing to challenge that and discover a different possibility?

There is a way to develop healthy, contributory relationships.

And more support then you could possibly imagine.

Life is easier – and more fun! – with the right company.

All you have to do is be open to receiving it…

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • Downfalls of modern metaphysics, self-help and pop psychology that keep you from receiving (boundaries, protection and assertion oh my!)
  • How to create spacious working and personal relationships that truly create more for everyone
  • # 1 lie keeping you stuck in individuality vs wholeness
  • Tools to keep your points of view from filtering out what you can receive
  • What true contribution is (it’s not what you think!)
As mentioned in the show…

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