Figuring It Out Syndrome – Needing to Know Before You Can Go!

What if you didn’t have to figure out your next steps before taking them? 

Blazing new trails in life can be less clear cut then we would like it to be.

Most often there are multiple ways forward.

Some are well-worn and predictable.

Some aren’t.

These choice points of left or right, path A, B or C, into the known or unknown bring up interesting things for all of us.

Especially when we are enticed to go down the path less traveled or defined…

The ability to tune into our awareness, intuition and gut sense is key in these moments.

The POP of possibilities of your next steps leading to greater – a better future, more enjoyable living, a more fulfilled you – are momentum makers.

But when we go to take that first step our mind starts to chirp loudly stopping us in our tracks…

What if I go down this road and don’t like it?

I don’t have a concrete idea of where I’m headed – only a sense of a possibility – can I really move forward this way?

If only I could see into the future to know what lies around the bend…

Our mind, and it’s need to figure out the coming path, freeze our momentum and dulls our inner voice.

Having faith in our awareness and following it gets difficult when the mind takes over.

And saying a big enthusiastic YES to the exploration of living is near impossible.

But have no fear…

Permission to explore WITHOUT the need to figure it out is on the way!

Tune in to discover:

  • Key difference between consciousness knowing and mind knowing
  • Misidentification that makes you think you are creating when you aren’t
  • The key element to following your awareness, intuition and gut sense
  • How to navigate ahead when you can’t see the path before you
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