When Other’s Don’t Get What You’re Creating… 

When others don’t get what you’re creating do you give up or adapt and keep going? 

Ever create something you were excited about only to have it fall flat when you shared it?

Or express a new idea only to have it fall on deaf ears or invoke confused looks?

The creative process is just that – a process – with many stages.

The initial WOW factor of the idea, the download of possibilities and the excitement of flushing it out in your own space is the fun part.

The tricky part comes at the next stage – sharing it with the world.

Whether you are:

Pitching new ideas to your boss.

Shopping a new business idea with investors.

Or promoting a new body of work to your clients / audience.

When our initial sharing doesn’t land or isn’t met with enthusiasm it’s really easy to get lost in judgment.

We judge our ideas, our awareness and sometimes even our enthusiasm.

Too many brilliant ideas and creations die this way!

We don’t realize that our message being missed in translation is part of the creative process.

And that navigating this tricky terrain can lead to even greater creations and expressions if we are willing to go through it…

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • The #1 momentum-maker and how to keep it going strong through the creative process
  • The dance between to being true to you and translating your message to your audience
  • Questions to ask to gain clarity, unstick yourself and make your creations work
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