When Judgement Takes Hold…  And Won’t Let Go

What if there was a way to stop judgment from hijacking your mind?

We’ve all been there…

We’ve left a situation only to find our mind spinning with what could have gone better.

The right and wrong of what we chose to say and do replay over and over again like an annoying picture show.

The desire to hit the mark when we engage with others –professionally or personally – is founded by many sweet intentions.

The sharing of a new idea, opening possibilities for others, speaking to what is true for us…

However, we are frequently met with walls of judgment when we do.

Whether that’s judgment from others around what you said or did or judgement of yourself around how you did or didn’t do it.

We get stuck and lost in it.

Judgment contracts your space, sticks you in your mind story and takes you out of presence with what is.

It’s fuel for that hamster in your head to just keep spinning around and around while hijacking your ability to let it go and move forward with ease.

There is a way to kick that hamster off the wheel and reclaim your clarity and peace.

To see things for what is – not what you think they should be – and to glean awareness for the future from it.

And, most importantly, to stop seeing yourself and what you choose as wrong and less then.

Join me for this special podcast episode exploring:

  • How judgment hijacks your presence of the moment
  • Questions to ask to stop your mind spin
  • How to speak to what can be heard – not what you want to say
  • What you may be aware of when the communication breaks down
  • Perfection, comparison and result-oriented traps & pitfalls