‘Tis the season for… WONDER

What if this holiday season you could re-connect to the WONDER, MYSTERY and MAGIC that lay at the base of it all?

What I love so much about this time of year is the invitation to look beyond the ego, logical mind and day to day life grind.

The possibility to claim your connection to something bigger, vaster and more beautiful is an amazing gift.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice or your own personal beliefs let’s look at what is common among us.

All the stories, beliefs and practices during this time of year are beyond this reality.

They are beyond the logical mind and what is supposed to be possible.

They are full of magic and mystery and make you wonder.

No answer.  No logic.

Just open exploration, deep connection and the WOW factor we had as children.

Is it time to reclaim that gift for yourself?

Enjoy this special holiday podcast exploring:

  • The commonality we all share – beyond the right and wrong version of religion
  • The wonder that is possible during this time of year
  • Invitation to relax, enjoy and open to the vastness and magic of the universe – while celebrating however and whatever you choose

Happy Holidays!